Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Game Drawings

My final game board drawing was another disappointment from me.  While I am good at the perspective part of these assignments, my poor drawing ability once again foiled my plans.  I used vanishing points to make the perspective look even better.  The Monopoly board was both a good and a bad idea to draw.  It was good because it was filled with detail and things to draw.  However, this also became a problem when I had to paint the very small details on some of the spaces.  It eventually became very difficult and made the painting look messy and cluttered.  Another problem with my painting was my use of the watercolors.  I did a poor job of blending them in together and I couldn't fix it with the colored pencils.  I failed to add shadows or make it look realistic.  If I did it again, I would focus very hard on making the colors consistent.  One of the biggest flaws on my painting was the drastic changes in value.  The most difficult part of the assignment was actually making the board look realistic and similar to the picture.  While I was working on the drawing, I learned how difficult it is to use watercolors, especially on small details.