Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation

Artists create original art- When I started coming up with ideas for the project, I was only thinking of things that were literally sticky.  However, Mrs. Rossi encouraged me towards coming up with some less literal ideas.  A lot of them involved humans interacting with each other in uncomfortable situations.  The problem with those ideas is that I realized I can't draw humans at all.  So, sadly, a lot of those ideas were disregarded.  One of them was a person staring at a lion or tiger in the jungle.  I thought that the idea was pretty good, and I saw that it could be applied to many other situations.  I thought of Tom and Jerry cartoons and how Jerry always escaped into his mouse hole.  I decided to transfer my original idea into that concept, and that's how I came up with the idea.  I picked the references after this.  I would give myself a 4.

Artists develop new skills- While I liked the idea, I feel like my execution of the project was rather poor.  I realized too late into the project that i wasn't really capable of making the mice look realistic at all, and I had no experience painting wood.  While I did make some progress learning how to give the wood texture, I'd say that I was never able to fully grasp the subject and move beyond my limitations.  I would give myself a 2.

Artists take risks- Even if the project didn't come out very well, I think that I can at least say that I took a risk painting it.  There were a lot of things to factor into the painting, and a lot of things could have went wrong.  While I think that I should have picked something that was more in my weight class, it was somewhat admirable that I chose to take the risk.  I give myself a 3.