My Art One Portfolio

 1.The most enjoyable project may have been the chalk murals in the courtyard.  It was enjoyable working with the group and coming up with the idea.  The project showed people what they were good at when it came to art and what they needed improvement with.  This was probably the longest project, but it was a great feeling to see this idea you had come to life on a large wall like this.  Plus, interactive art is always more enjoyable than just normal art projects.  It was cool to see everyone react to the art in the courtyard.  I thought that it was a great introduction to the class and what skills we would need.  This should be a project that happens every year.

2. Our landscape painting taught me the most out of all of the projects we did this year.  For one, I saw how much planning and brainstorming paid off in the long run.  If we hadn't done our sketches in our journal or on the iPad, it would have been much more difficult.  It was very important to use a consistent amount of paint for each object to make it look smoother, and you couldn't rush the painting part of the project.  You had to carefully go over it multiple times with different coats of paint.  There were also some small things I learned from Mr. Sands.  He taught me the best way to draw trees, make highlights on christmas bulbs, and create good looking shadows.  If I ever do another painting like this, I will be much more prepared and will be able to make it look a lot more proffessional.  This was also one of the funnest projects to do, especially since it happened around break.

3. Doing the stencil art project, I used many techniques I learned while doing the printing project.  For one, they each involved cutting out paper or material in order to make the design.  You had to plan ahead and imagine how they would look when you started coloring them in.  For each project, we cut out the main design and whatever we didn't cut out was the background.  Going into the stencil assignment, I knew how patient I would have to be from the printing project.  Neither of the projects were that great, but you can really see my growth between the two.  This one looks cleaner and more professional.  This project required more work, especially when we had to cut out the frame.

4.  Moss art was the least important project.  While it was an interesting concept, it wasn't executed well.  We didn't have much time to do it and there were no instructions about what we should have done.  We didn't have to really use any of the concepts we would later use and it wasn't even very fun.  I think that moss art could have been better.  It should involve actual drawings and be longer.  The actual moss was pretty cool to use.  I don't know if I would even call this is a project because it was so short.  The only other one that rivals this one in terms of pointlessness was the cup project.

5. I would have to say that the cartoon bones was the project that reflects me the most on the artist.  I think that the bones on Master Shake ended up looking very inventive and it was funny to imagine what cartoon bones would look like.  Even though I enjoyed the later projects, this one was probably the most simple and easy.  We didn't have to use 2-point perspective, different shades, or other more complex techniques.  I think it reflected me because it was a character I chose and I came up with how the bones would look like.  I think that this shows my level of skill when it comes to drawing.  While I'm not the best drawer, I am good at coming up with ideas for drawings.  This is probably one of the best drawings I've ever done, and it was because Mr. Sands taught us new techniques and ways to make our drawings look better.

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