Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixed Media

Mixed Media Project

Artists Create Original Ideas- Prior to starting this project, I had been learning about Roman history and looking into Roman art and stuff.  For the project, Mrs. Rossi had five topics that you could choose from, fairy tales being one of them.  While it is not technically a fairy tale, ancient mythology is fictional and fantastical.  Even though I had been learning about Roman mythology, I think that the Greek stories are more known and iconic.  The two are very similar, so I chose to go with Greek.  I needed a way to bring the pictures together, so I decided that the bottom of the paper would be dedicated to Hades, the middle would be for the mortals and normal environment, and the top would be for Heaven.  After a little bit of tweaking, I came up with what ended up being the final project.  I don't think that anyone else did Greek mythology and I think that it is was a good idea.  However, it wasn't wholly original as I used already existing pictures and a prompt from Mrs. Rossi..  I give myself a 3

Artists Have a Global Awareness of Artmaking- Naturally, I took a lot of inspiration from Greek Artists and historians.  To find good reference points for the project, I googled Greek mythology and found pictures that I thought would work well together.  Because I knew about the subject I was able to bring the pictures together in a way that I felt worked well.  I give myself a 4.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills- I have made colleges before, but it was a long time ago and was probably during middle school or elementary school.  I honestly have never really enjoyed it, but I found it fun this time.  Maybe this was just because it was a nice break from the previous projects.  It took me a longtime to get used to making backgrounds for these collages.  This one went a little bit better, as I was able to make the background look more full and organized then before.  I also think that I found a better way to paste down the clippings.  Still, it still was kind of sloppily done and had some issues.  I would give myself a 3.