Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Thinking of scientific ideas, dinosaurs kept coming to mind. Ever since I was a child, dinosaurs have interested me. I thought that they would be good for a drawing as they are large majestic animals. I ended up choosing a pterodactyl because they are easier to draw than a T-Rex, my first idea. The mini lessons were very helpful, as I was very bad at shading before going into the assignment. By the time I started the project I had a pretty good idea about how to properly shade a drawing. The main contrast was between the pterodactyl and the sky, but there were other examples as well. The trees at the bottom contrasted with the sky, and there is shading going on in the pterodactyl itself. Certain portions of the wings are individually shaded. I chose pencil as the medium because it isn’t as messy as charcoal and I find it easier than pen. I used the technique of starting on the darkest portions of the drawing and moving outwards. I would then go back and attempt to blend the colors together to make them appear seamless.
       The whole idea was a risk, as I am not very good at drawing animals or shading. Originally, I thought I was going to end up doing a drawing with a face and a skull blending together. However, I hadn’t been taught how to draw a face and Mrs. Rossi discouraged me from it. It turned out for the best, because the pterodactyl idea had more potential for shading and detail. While at first the pterodactyl looked cartoonish and unrealistic, eventually I was able to make improvements. 

       I enjoyed the project for the most part, and I feel like it helped me improve at drawing. I was pleased with the final product, though there were some issues. The moon looked messy, which is probably because I added it in last minute to explain why the sky was so dark. Overall, I really liked the project.

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